General Questions

It is OUR MISSION to protect nature with new technologies using wind, solar and hydrogen technologies to work on an environmentally friendly and cost-effective cryptography farm. autotradex LTD is a group of people working to create innovative solutions in the field of water treatment and energy supplement forms to make these technologies available to everyone. autotradex LTD with one of its first projects has set its goal to implement an integrated project of the next generation of advanced extraction of environmentally friendly cryptocurrency. Sustainable and proven methods are used that significantly increase the environmental benefits as well as the mine itself.

AUTOTRADEX LTD is open for public who are 18 and fulfill the legal age to take part in our program.

AUTOTRADEX LTD has been officially incorporated in 2021. You can check it on the Companies House website: https://find-and-update.company-information.service.gov.uk/company/13296490

AUTOTRADEX LTD is mainly involved in trading of forex assets & also the most popular & lucrative cryptocurrency in the digital world today. We are a team of Bitcoin enthusiasts who have been mining Bitcoins since its inception in 2020. Subsequently, we also have been trading Bitcoins & making great profits. Our goal is to develop the fastest ASIC chip for hashing SHA256 on the base of our core, a motherboard for it and also software that will ensure its efficient operation.

AUTOTRADEX LTD is a platform which is risk-free. However, to avoid unforseen loss, the company continuously fills in its contingency fund. In the case of force majeure situations, AUTOTRADEX LTD investors can expect to receive money back except the profits they received earlier.

Account Questions

In order to begin, you should register on our website by filling the registration form. Just click on "Register". After that, you can start investing with us. Please make sure that you must have an e-currency account and must be of legal age of at least 18 years old.

Please check the information you have entered. You may contact our support team if you need our assistance. We will be glad to help you.

1) You can open a free PM account here: perfectmoney.is
2) You can open a free Epaycore account here: epaycore.com
3) You can open a free Bitcoin account here : blockchain.info
4) You can open a free Ethereum account here : ethereum.org

No, each member can have only one account in AUTOTRADEX LTD. Any attempt of fraud will result in permanent blocking of the account & the funds deposited in the account will be frozen.

Deposit/Withdrawals Questions

For +10% Daily Forever plan, minimum deposit is $0.10 and maximum deposit is $500. For +12% Daily Forever Principal included, minimum deposit is $501 and maximum deposit is $25000. For +15% Daily Forever Principal included plan, minimum deposit is $25001 and maximum deposit is $100000.

Yes, you can make multiple deposits at any given time. There is no limit to the amount and the number of transactions you make within our program. You can make a deposit from different and multiple payment processors as well.

Minimum withdrawal amount is $8 for Crypto and $0.1 for PM, ePayCore.

No, you can only request a withdrawal to a payment processor that you have previously deposited from.

Affiliation Questions

Yes we have a 4 level referral program in AUTOTRADEX LTD.

For direct reference 10% You will receive a referral commission. For the second level referral you will receive 10% referral commission, for the third level referral 10% the referral commission and for the fourth level referral 20% the referral commission.

You do not need to have an active investment in order to participate in the referral program. Anyone registered our site can start benefiting immediately from participating in our referral program by referring others. Referral commissions are paid to referring party when referred party makes an investment deposit.

You will receive email notification. You can check number of your referrals & your referral earnings on the 'Referral' section of your account.